Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vegetarian scholarship- among others

I have found yet more scholarships for those that want to take the time and could use the extra money- not every student will get a full ride to college- In fact less than 20% will get scholarships to cover tuition and books- but We can be that 20%!

Do you have a vegetarian young person? There are 2 scholarships for $5,000 awarded for those that promote and practice this lifestyle. My daughter is a practicing vegetarian- she has a few years to keep it up for this scholarship...

Scholarship for a student interested in confectionary study- Requires those interested to be studying in the sciences or food areas at a 4 year college

The National Make It Yourself with Wool (NMIYWW) competition awards $2,000 and $1,000scholarships for knitting wool garments. Winners are selected based on the appropriateness to the contestant's lifestyle, coordination of fabric/yarn with garment style and design, contestant's presentation, and creativity. For more information send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
National Make It Yourself with Wool Competition
Box 175
Lavina, MT 59046

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Far out Scholarships

I have decided to seek out further funding for my daughters education. While my oldest wants to teach- the youngest wants to possibly do research- maybe find the cure for cancer? This will take more than just four years of college.

Yesterday she(youngest) took the PLAN- a pre ACT test. The oldest is waiting on her ACT scores. So I shall post some of my findings as I continue my quest for money. Here are a few so far

Truly, it’s not a quack. The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest awards $1,500 to the high school student who can call ducks with flare. Those who aren’t top-notch callers but still have some talent may qualify for the other prizes. The first runner-up receives $500, the second $300 and the third $200 in scholarship money. Contestants have 90 seconds to show the judges what they’re made of. Don’t be a lame duck.

This site offers scholarships for those that want to study the wine and grape industry.

For those interested in aquatic entomology: This scholarship is for those interested in research within the aquatics field.

I also have found several specific to my own childs school- one thru comcast, and it requires leadership potential and financial need.

Good luck

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shopping for the short person- ME

OK- So I needed a new outfit- never a happy occasion for me- due to the fact that at five feet and half an inch- even petites sometimes don't fit. Oh at least i am taller than my sister. She is three inches shorter than I - whhooo-hooo. Ok- So It seems that the buyers for most retail stores believe that all short people are geriatric. Now this is a problem for me. I do not want elastic waist polyester pants. I want a stylish suit- or dress that falls in all the right places. Shirts sometimes are way to low cut- and the length of sleeves cause me to need to roll up the beautiful cuffs. Pants that might fit- may hang too low in the crotch- or too long in length- and if they come with a cuff or flair- then it is difficult to alter them. Interestingly most petites depts. Including Dillards, Belk, and Penneys start with a size 8 P- ok- well- some of us are 4's and 6's. So I can find my size in high end specialty stores- for a price- a big price. SO I search for bargains- and have found several solutions- one is leggings- now i may seem to old for leggings- but I can buy a short dress(shirt) from teens dept and it will often come to my knees- then add leggings or boots and presto- I am in style- and it is affordable. I have been known to order from the computer- I have several suit purchases from the net. It is not as much fun as trying on clothes- but hten finding clothes to fit is so rare. Another option I have tried is to buy capris or ropped pants and wear them as long pants. These are my creative techniques- and you can find these on sale- when Most stores do not have many small size petites in stock.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

PSAT's- She took the test

Cassie took her PSAT yesterday. Thousands of tenth graders across the US took the test in preparation for the ACT and SAT they will take as juniors and seniors.

Cassie took an extra piece of fruit- blueberries- to help with brain power(her words.) She was a little nervous- but told me that once they began and instructions were explained she was calm. She tells me that the questions were not that difficult, but since she decided to skip some long problems and do the short ones first- this was due to her concern about running out of time. She found the most challenging portion to be math- she explained it was not that complicated- she just felt the clock ticking. She is an excellent student- but does suffer from test anxiety. We have attempted to improve this anxiety thru relaxation exercises and thru music and positive affirmations- most of which she says goes out the window when the test begins. The one effective soother? Chocolate

The PSAT is considered a predictor of future testing- it also lets parents and students identify areas of weakness in order to make needed changes in classwork, and increases understanding of standardized tests. Cassie actually said that it improved her feelings of future testing- the one thing she does not care for is the amount of time before she has results- It will be December before the school gives the students the results.

What is the meaning of all the testing? practice- for the big one- the scholarships that loom ahead.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Surviving High School- as a Parent

When the kids were young I worked two jobs to make ends meet. As they got older it has become a full time job just juggling their activities. I attend college classes; work part time and my 15 year old keeps me hopping.

This week for example- We must finish the edible brain- which I baked and she will decorate- however there are always supplies that we do not have on hand so I plan on at least one Wal Mart run. We will be going to the Pharaohs exhibit(extra credit for AP history)today. Tonight- (Saturday) is the formal homecoming dance. As every mom of a teen knows it takes at least 3 hours of prep time and many friends to get each person ready. Tomorrow- she will work more on the brain- and has youth group for church in the evening. Monday- tennis and volunteer fund raiser after school. Tuesday- what nothing?? Wednesday- more volunteer work after school. Thursday and Sunday afternoon- setting up for Boo at the Zoo where she will be a volunteer Zombie at the train ride the next two weekend evenings. Saturday Morning- She is helping less fortunate children- and she forgot the details of why. My Birthday is somewhere in all that. Also- My step grandmother and my grandad will be coming to town for a medical appointment- and my my will drive. Cassie -wants to go to the fair- but "mom you won't take me" OK when does the fair fit into this? where? Did I mention the hours of homework each night? mine and hers.

I am not upset- this is what I wanted- an active child who sees the value in helping others. I did not want a couch potato family. I succeeded. My oldest is just as busy-But she can drive. She helps with youth groups, homeless and keeps my mom entertained. Not sure if entertained is the right word....