Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Reduce Homework Anxiety |

How to Reduce Homework Anxiety |

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You better shop around

It is that time of year, yes school is on, but so are the sales. End of season clearance sales.

While Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta do not appear feel the sagging economy my house hold does.

I shop at the end fo the season; this is something I and my family have done for years. I buy the basics- jeans, tank tops, shoes (by that I mean flip flops) last year I purchased a swimsuit for 85% off - it was a designer label.

I shop with a plan. I need new tank tops for my daughters (they wear them year round). I pay no more than three dollars. We need gray, pink, white and black.

Shop on Tuesday- less crowded. I college when I worked retail- every other Thursday was slow. People get paid on Friday.

I will be needing some dress shoes for next summer. So if I find a great deal on brown or copper sandals with heels- I will try them on. My budget for these? Ten dollars.

I usually start christmas shopping as well. Gifts for teachers, and co workers, find the deals for those gift exchange parties. I do not buy something I would not want.

I must head out to the stores... I shall report back on my shopping bargains.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation- Had to get Away

The past few weeks have been so busy that I did not blog.
First I had final exams- not as easy now as it was in my younger years.
Then my step grandmother had surgery for skin cancer. With she and my grandad in their eighties, nothing is ever simple.
I then went on vacation with my 15 year old and my boyfriend. Upon our return from Washington DC; I went to my hometown(three hours away) to see my oldest and dearest girlfriend for a few days. The local public schools started yesterday, so I am now finally having a few minutes of down time.

Kayla and I met the week I turned three, she was a few months younger than me. We do not remember that first few years of friendship. We do know how it affected our childhood and adulthood. You do not choose your family; but you choose your closest friends. If a person is lucky they will have two or three lifetime friends that love them despite their faults. Kayla is mine. We talk weekly, visit yearly. She knows me better than anyone.

Girlfriends are important. I say this because many of us give up on finding a grownup best friend. Women are sometimes not so nice. To say the least.

Every mom needs to have a friend to turn to when the kids have taken over every crevice of our normal daily life. You may talk for five minutes once a week, but stay connected to other women. Fellow Moms ignore the cries of kids in the background- some of mine just talk louder.
Our kids have friends they talk to, hang out with, play with, and fight with. What makes us think that in the adult world we need less support or connection? We need MORE support, more friends to tell us we are right- or wrong. Push thru the busy schedule for some "me time".

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't Worry Be Happy-

Some of my favorite old tunes seem to come to mind when I sit down to write in the blog.
I guess I remember how important a role music played in my youth. Now my teenager has an IPod touch- Oh how much time this saves. My sister and I used to get the blank tapes and sit by our boom box and wait for the tunes we wanted to copy. Many of our tapes missed the first few words of songs. Music- the voice of youth.

At our house I decided to have the home phone service disconnected- last week. We all have cells, and NEVER use the home phone.

So Sunday night - like 2AM my daughters phone rings- then I hear her talking, then again , and again- I am awake and not happy- she could at least text quietly.
So I get up- to find out what is so critical, and she shows me the cell- it is ringing- and she did not dial, it is calling from her phone book. We can't seem to stop it, she apologizes to the sleepy friend, then hangs up, it buzzes then does it again and calls the next person down the list. CRAZY. We turn it off, IT CONTINUES TO CALL PEOPLE.
So I get smart and take out the battery. Finally, back to sleep.
She does not want to turn the phone back on this morning, so I need to get this checked out. She does not want to be home alone with no way to call anyone.
I go down the street to the ATT store. They are fascinated- and have no answers, I turn the phone on- it begins the same creepy calling. Of course since the greeter can't help I get put on the list. I go ahead and check to see if I can upgrade/ renew. I can. I then check out the phone choices. The cheapest is 39.99 after your $50.00(mail in) rebate. Why is it free at Walmart and at Best Buy? (No I do not make money from this) So I waited 30 minutes, no body has been helped - list same length.
I ask one of the greeters- not waiting on customers, why it is cheaper on the net, and can they match the deal. He tells me I must wait. I leave. My daughter keeps my phone while I go see a client, then I head to Best Buy. Guess what- play with a few phones; I am looking for the free phone ok, not the I Phone. I get helped, I get the phone ( LG VU). An employee explains the old phone issue, and puts my daughter's old one in recycle bin. I paid nothing, nothing, and was out in less than 20 minutes. Same service plan- renewed. I splurge and get one of those skins- ten bucks.
She loves the phone- and is texting with it right now. She is a happy camper.

So why can't I get the same deal at the ATT store? I still wonder.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A young person explains Facebook to a mom

I use Facebook. I have been able to reconnect with old friends, and become a part of their journey into middle age. I have a few hundred "friends"- only a few acquaintances. I greatly enjoy viewing glimpses of the good friends in high school and what they became.
Only two of my friends stuck with their high school dreams.

So my 15 year old was getting her hair cut and highlighted ( she looks so grown up). Our hairdresser happens to be a good friends daughter.
She tells my daughter- look me up on Facebook as soon as you get home- I posted pictures of the puppy.
She(hairdresser) then explains that most teens and young adults look up the people they come into contact with. " it is the first thing I do when I meet someone- of course I have to request they be my friend." My daughter nods in agreement, telling me she would never have a second conversation with a boy until she is able to "research his life on facebook". She has close to 900 friends on facebook. My oldest has close to 1,000 "friends".
Good to know, since I am her friend on Facebook.
The girls then explain how they see us as facebook users. " you just want to look at old friends, most adults do not have many current friends on FB." We on the other hand consider it vital to building relationships. the girls explain that if a person has many shared friends with you Then consider what type of person those friends are- and would I let them into my close circle "

I just felt that this knowledge should be passed on to other "us" - I think they meant mom/ dad kinda people. Interesting, I am really going to focus on developing my Facebook friends from my current life, not just the old days.

The girls reminded me that it is more accurate than verbal gossip.