Thursday, October 15, 2009

PSAT's- She took the test

Cassie took her PSAT yesterday. Thousands of tenth graders across the US took the test in preparation for the ACT and SAT they will take as juniors and seniors.

Cassie took an extra piece of fruit- blueberries- to help with brain power(her words.) She was a little nervous- but told me that once they began and instructions were explained she was calm. She tells me that the questions were not that difficult, but since she decided to skip some long problems and do the short ones first- this was due to her concern about running out of time. She found the most challenging portion to be math- she explained it was not that complicated- she just felt the clock ticking. She is an excellent student- but does suffer from test anxiety. We have attempted to improve this anxiety thru relaxation exercises and thru music and positive affirmations- most of which she says goes out the window when the test begins. The one effective soother? Chocolate

The PSAT is considered a predictor of future testing- it also lets parents and students identify areas of weakness in order to make needed changes in classwork, and increases understanding of standardized tests. Cassie actually said that it improved her feelings of future testing- the one thing she does not care for is the amount of time before she has results- It will be December before the school gives the students the results.

What is the meaning of all the testing? practice- for the big one- the scholarships that loom ahead.

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  1. I hope the test ll be a good prediction or reference for u , as a mother to make a decission to support the next time..