Saturday, October 10, 2009

Surviving High School- as a Parent

When the kids were young I worked two jobs to make ends meet. As they got older it has become a full time job just juggling their activities. I attend college classes; work part time and my 15 year old keeps me hopping.

This week for example- We must finish the edible brain- which I baked and she will decorate- however there are always supplies that we do not have on hand so I plan on at least one Wal Mart run. We will be going to the Pharaohs exhibit(extra credit for AP history)today. Tonight- (Saturday) is the formal homecoming dance. As every mom of a teen knows it takes at least 3 hours of prep time and many friends to get each person ready. Tomorrow- she will work more on the brain- and has youth group for church in the evening. Monday- tennis and volunteer fund raiser after school. Tuesday- what nothing?? Wednesday- more volunteer work after school. Thursday and Sunday afternoon- setting up for Boo at the Zoo where she will be a volunteer Zombie at the train ride the next two weekend evenings. Saturday Morning- She is helping less fortunate children- and she forgot the details of why. My Birthday is somewhere in all that. Also- My step grandmother and my grandad will be coming to town for a medical appointment- and my my will drive. Cassie -wants to go to the fair- but "mom you won't take me" OK when does the fair fit into this? where? Did I mention the hours of homework each night? mine and hers.

I am not upset- this is what I wanted- an active child who sees the value in helping others. I did not want a couch potato family. I succeeded. My oldest is just as busy-But she can drive. She helps with youth groups, homeless and keeps my mom entertained. Not sure if entertained is the right word....

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  1. WOW!! You are a busy lady!! You must be very organized. There are some areas of our life that run like a finely tuned machine. But then there are others....that don't! lol Have a great week! So nice to meet you! Laura